Tuesday, April 01, 2008

He did it!!

Flying Brian Robinson, finished the Barkley Marathon in 55 hours 47 minutes setting a new course record!

Yes, that is an average of 33 miles per minute..and it's actually a 100 mile race-or maybe event. Before anyone starts smirking about "anyone can crawl a 33 minute mile" check out the explanation of the Barkley: Matt's Site

Wow! Congratulations Brian!!


AnthonyP said...


Luc said...

I think '33 miles per minute' means '33 minutes per mile'. Otherwise, he was SMOKIN! :)

Pretty amazing indeed!

Mike said...

I thought I was the only one who could run 33 miles per minute....of course, I do it on a rocket plane travelling 32.99 miles per minute and then all I have to do is add the .01.

Kim said...

OKAY you knew what I meant LOL!!

Josh said...

wow, 33 miles a minute?!?!

lol. Sorry, Kim! I had to!

Bill said...

I was in FH with hopes of making it off the waitlist. Flyin Brian was smooth as silk. I wished Brian best of luck before the run started. Paraphrased: "this is the year I go all the way" He had a drive before the run that was focused. 7 hour first loop is sick.

Happy Trails