Thursday, April 10, 2008

Things Learned From Last Race

  • Pack my drop bags more effectively. I wasn't sure which light was in which bag, for example. I am usually more organized than this.
  • Get my feet in good condition. I did try to get rid of some of the calluses off my feet, but I am going to go into a big foot pampering extravaganza for the next two months and get them in good shape.
  • Actually formulate a plan to execute for Mohican. Carry a card with me with the cutoffs. I did not need this for Umstead, since I knew the final cutoff, and I knew I needed to run the first 50 in under 13 hours. But I am going to go back and look at my old splits and runners-like-me from Mohican and make an actual plan.
  • Positive attitude trumps all. Around mile 52 or so, I said to myself "wow I'm getting tired" and then I immediately replied to myself "yeah, you idiot, you just ran 50 miles you aren't going to be all that fresh for the whole race." I really had a good attitude for about the whole race,didn't let things like blisters or being hot bother me.

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