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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Mohican Trail Run May 3rd

The call went out from the Fresno Running Club to run Mohican Saturday, May 3. I gladly sacrificed my sleeping in time to meet up with Rich and Wendy and drive over to the CB. Once there, we found, Regis, Gabe, Rob, Michelle, Jack and Trevor waiting for a fun run!

It was raining slightly as we started, and continued as the day progressed. Running in the first two miles of the red loop, I caught a rock and immediately did a belly flop down-oops!! I took up last position to shake it off and followed the gang up the hill. Rob and I chatted a bit as we approached Bridle Staging, then I stopped at the rest rooms and he took off ahead. As I ran through the horse camp, at least 12folks uder an big awning starting cheering me! They must have thought we were actually racing! Too funny! That's more folks that cheered at the actual Mo race!

Although Rob's yellow shirt was still in the distance, I knew I couldn't catch him and settled into a nice running pace. The greenery of the forest,the patter down of the rain made a perfect coccoon around me as I simply ran. Very zen like for me out there today.

I hit Rock Point at 2.5 hours I was very pleased with my time. Thanks to Rob and Rich, we had water seeded at Sand Hill, Rock Point, South Park, and Fire Tower. It made it a much more enjoyable run knowing there was water ahead. I decided to play a little timing game-I wanted to make it to South Park in 1 hour-and I was dead on!

After the Fire Tower, I decided I wanted a sub five hour 21 mile run. So I ran. Until I hit the little wooden bridges down in the Gorge, I decided I didn't want to bust my butt with a mile left to go. I heard the Garmin beep over 5 hours down here, but I was very happy to finish up with a 5.05 21 mile run!

We are having the training run at Mohican next weekend.
Friday, 20 miles on the roads. From Mohican Wilderness (the race starting point) to Rockpoint. Then From Rockpoint, back to MH, but following the route at the end of the race.
Saturday, I believe 25 miles. The purple loop (4) miles and the Red-Green Sections (21) miles.
Sunday: The orange loop, 17 miles. Check out the Mohican Yahoo! Group for details!


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...


You are amazing and you have such grace when you fall. I was worried about you as I saw the tough Kim shaking off the fall. You hit pretty hard from my point of view. Glad you were good.

triguyjt said...

great job on the 5:05 for that distance.....

you didn't see any flames did you..heard the landol castle was on fire..(the restaurant part, I think)

Mike said...

Come weekend! Come!

I am hoping for all three runs...will know later this week.

Nice job on 5:05...see how much faster you go without me slowing you down?

Luc said...

Nice run Kim. Belly flop falls suck! Glad you were able to shake it. Your pictures of the pines on the course are beautiful (desktop background material). Hope to see you soon!

Bev said...

Cool trail. Absolutely beautiful. I see why you love running up there so much.

Jane said...

Wow you are all pinked out.