Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Recap

I got to sleep in both mornings. Bliss!!
5 mile trail run Friday afternoon. I was a bit disappointed to find my new portion of trail didn't go much farther than I had already run on it. I tried to go off piste but ended up in multiflower rose thickets-didn't work so well.
Saturday I had all intentions of a 11 mile run. I cut it to four miles-just wasn't feeling the love.
Sunday, I decided to run the same 11 mile course-but I did it backwards. So there wasn't the same point to bail out. After the first 4 miles (road running) my legs warmed up. Speaking of warming up, it's not happening here in Ohio. I was running in capris and a short sleeved shirt. It's mid May here!! Ridiculous! I need heat and humidity! Mohican is in about 30 days-and it will be hot and humid!!
Speaking of Mohican, I have been getting some thinking and planning done for a race plan. I have drop bags planned, and basic changes of shoes planned. (That really is a last minute detail, contingent on race conditions.) But I have bought a new pair of trail shoes; I have new Injinji socks and ClifBlok Shots for nutrition.
My husband reminded me Friday that he's going out of town later this week for a reunion at Fort Bragg-that's one of the reasons my training was light this weekend. With him out of town, I am hoping to get some good mileage evenings in. All I will have to do is feed the dogs and take them for our daily hike around the estate, then I can go run!
I am going to go over to Wheeling WV and run the Ogden 20K Classic on Saturday. This is a nice hilly race, so it will be a good hill workout, and I want to be around people for a change!

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