Sunday, June 14, 2009

Race Countdown

My scarecrow in his ultra shirt. on Twitpic

This is my scarecrow I made for my garden. He's wearing a Mountain Masochist Shirt. I DNF'd MMTR, so I can't wear the shirt. Yes, I am one of those people who go by those rules. Read Bad Ben's T-Shirt Etiquette to make sure you are following protocol!


Nick Billock said...

I go by the same rules. I have a brand new 2008 BR shirt and sticker not yet used. Hopefully, I can change that here in about 7 weeks. Taper down, girl!!!

Runner Tammy said...

The "rules" definitely make sense because if I am approaching a person with a race shirt on, I want the details that only a runner would know.

Good Luck at Mohican. I know you will have an excellent race because you are well prepared. You've done the training, got your stuff organized and hopefully the weather will be agreeable.

Be strong out there!

RBR said...

Woo hoo!! Good luck at Mohican!! I can't wait for your report. I LOVE your run reports!

I follow the same t-shirt rules. So I totally understand.

Caren said...

Not heck with those rules. I trained damn hard to toe the line and if something like unseasonable humidity or getting sick or injured forces me to stop, so be it. It's just a shirt. I won't wear it in a race however, and if someone does ask about it in a training run or if I'm at the store, I will say I DNF'd.

Best of luck to you at Mo!