Sunday, August 23, 2009

Game on

Ok, I am going to run The Oil City 100. The race director was pretty crafty, just ignoring my withdrawal from the race.

I don't feel I really have a chance of finishing the race, but I will give it my all while running. It will be a nice change of trails to run on and I can encourage other runners out there.

Perhaps I can look at my schedule and see if I can make it over there for a run before the race and check out the course.

Tom is suggesting I focus on hill work in the month here before the race, and that sounds like a good plan for now.


Caren said...

Good for you Kim. You're an inspiration.

Mike said...

YEAH!!! That is the spirit. Maybe we can do a training run together soon? Joshie and my 100 is the week after if I come up there it will be volunteering and light pacing (10-20 miles the end.)

I know you won't be able to make my birthday run tomorrow...but I will have you there with me in spirit!

Nick Billock said...

See you there, Kimba! I'm really looking forward to it!

malvs2walk said...

I have been following the message boards for this one, too!
I wish you the best!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!. See ya there!

Luc said...

Go Kimba!! Train hard and finish slow! We should train together soon too. ;)

Brian said...

Look forward to seeing you again at OC Kim. In the meantime.. EYE OF THE TIGER!!!