Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Goats at the Amish farm.

I got out for a nice 6.4 mile road run yesterday. Temps were great, in the 40's, but with no wind, it was a balmy temperature.
I actually "ran around the block" from my house. This time, I took a left on Chapel Hill Road which I had never been down before. Looking at a map, I knew if I kept taking lefts, I would end up back where I started.

Just one of the five dogs running free that came out to greet me. Luckily, all were friendly.

This was more like a trail run than a road run. Back township roads around here are dirt and gravel. This road today was pretty muddy. Other than one truck that passed me, it was just me and the dogs.


Mike said...

Beautiful running surface! That seems like a great loop all considered. I wish we could have you coming to the 24 hour with us on New Year's Eve!

Rainmaker said...

For the record - nothing good can come of anyone hanging out in a goat pasture in the middle of winter. Pure trouble there.