Sunday, January 03, 2010

Becoming One with the Treadmill

Almost identical workout to yesterday. One hour walk, about 3.1 MPH to 3.2 MPH, on the treadmill, at 12% incline. Lower it back down to 1%, run for 40 minutes, for 3.3 miles more.

We took the dogs out about 11 am. As I walked toward the barn (with longjohns, windpants, parka, gloves, etc..) I thought it wasn't too bad, and I could go for a run in this. As we ventured out past the barn, and the wind started to blow, I thought, nope, it's another inside workout for me. I don't have anything to prove by being miserable for a 4 mile run around the block.

The good news is, 25 degrees will seem balmy (sometime soon I hope!)!!

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ultrarunner (Brian Philpot) said...

Yes it is cold! But I just can't bring myself to use a treadmill. But on the other hand it is great to hit the trail's with nobody on them! I can hammer some speed work, and I stay very warm.