Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Boring Stat Stuff-except to me!




1:28:53 1:39:52 1:47:25 1:51:17 1:53:47 1:57:13

Kim Love-Ottobre1:26:47 1:35:34 1:44:57 1:48:38 1:51:03 2:02:24 2:00:13

Lap Times for the 12 hours of Big Bear. I'm very pleased to see an improvement over the last 3 years. The previous two years, I stopped at 6 loops, even though I still had time to head out and get more mileage in. This year, I was focused on "running" and got my seventh lap in.
And, I'm even more pleased, at looking at last year's splits, that I improved on every lap except lap six.

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