Saturday, November 06, 2010

First Snow!!

Today was our first snowfall! Big fluffy snowflakes. It snowed all morning. No accumulation of course. I got out and ran my 11 miles around the block. I PR'd the run again. This time 8 minutes faster, average 11.57 pace. Mind you, that includes LOTS of hills. Very pleased with the run.

So this is the post I started over one week's getting more and more timely now..

Yes, it's a bit soon for a post like this. The fall running has really just begun. The humidity is *bluff* gone like the wind. The temps have dropped and so has the humidity. In fact, the humidity seems like a long memory, although it was still a plague just two months ago.
The runs have started where the temps are in the low 40's.
I've broken into the winter running gear, to evaluate my stuff.

My run this morning reminded me of an issue that is always forgotten about-until it happens again. I use a Nathan hyrdation vest which has a water bladder and drinking tube. The mouthpiece started to freeze up on it again in the cold temperatures. Now I will have to remember to put this under my shirt, to keep it warm. I also either need to create a "cozie" for the tube; or wear it under a shirt-don't like that option. I also have to remember to not put straight water into the bladder for winter running. Diluting the water with a sports drink will change the freezing point (just like antifreeze, just a bit tastier) and hence the mixture won't freeze like plain H20 will. Third option-jut snake the long hose under my shirt. That may be my best option, could be uncomfortable.

I just bought a merino wool top from REI.outlet-a Sugoi Wallaroo. I'm in love with merino wool! I have worn the merino wool top on several runs in the cold. It seems to dry so much better than my technical running shirts. I liked it so much I bought two more tops and a merino wool BUFF, which I tried out at Sunday's campfire-kept my head snuggly warm.

I can't forget about the breathing. I have delayed onset excercised induced asthma, which means I develop a wheeze and coughing around 8 hours into an event. Hence my "Hannibal Lechter" wrap:

The cold weather bothers me much more than summer weather, so I try to run with this. It is sometimes very annoying, but on very cold runs, I have just learned to deal with it.

Another tip that my friend John Reynolds reminded me of, was the duffel bag. Now I have a new membership at the YMCA. I need to pack the duffel bag with two sets of clothes- one for outside running, and one for a gym workout. This is important, because maybe the weather dicatates that I bail on an outside run-I still have the gym to go to. But do I want to wear a long sleeve shirt and tights in the gym? Heck no. Then plan accordingly with the proper gear.

Tomorrow the time changes. I've already wrapped my head around running in the dark for the next five months. Embrace it and move on.

I've also set a mini goal for the 100K race in January. I want to get to the 50 mile marker in 11 hours. (First goal is of course, finish the race.) I believe that is totally achievable!!

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