Saturday, January 22, 2011


Yay for me. I actually hit this last Thursday, I weighed in before leaving for North Carolina. Then I forgot to log it in on Friday, my usual on-line "weigh in" day. Then I return home from the race, and, on Monday, step on the scale-up seven pounds! I believe this is due to your body reacting to the stress it is going through-releasing the hormone vasopressin which causes fluid retention. It takes a few days for the body to return to normal.
Still, it's annoying and distressing to the pysche!
I got back to journalling my food on Wednesday. I've just been non-stop hungry for the last few days. I guess my engine is running so well that it needs fuel. But I still want to get more weight off-I could lose 15 more pounds, that would be about optimal for me. (WW says my "ideal weight" would be a range of 107-137 pounds-I don't see how that would ever happen. I'm far too muscular for that.)

So, thirty pound goal hit. Next target: 162 lbs. I keep the goals small so they are approachable. Kind of like running from Aid Station to Aid Station in an ultra.


LarrySingsTheBlues said...

Kimba, you are my hero!

I am inspired by the fact that you run these races.

You are a much better athlete than you think. In one of your posts, you said that your resting heart rate is in the 40's. That only comes from tremendous cardiovascular conditioning.

Congratulations on the weight loss milestone. Don't be afraid to set crazy goals. If you can keep the eating and exercise in balance, I bet you will blow right past your 150 lb target.

Keep up the good work. I read your blog every day.

Kim said...

Larry! Thanks so much for this comment, it totally made my day!!!