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Monday, February 28, 2011

Masters of the Ring

After completing the Reverse Ring, I am now in the Masters of the Ring. I had a good run. Epic mental breakdown-probaly due to calorie deficit-and then 100% complete bounce back from that. That's what an ultra is, the lowest low, and then the recovery.
I finished within my goal time, 26 hours 11 minutes, so very pleased with that. I told the guys to expect me at 8am, and after finding the orange blaze trail through Elizabeth Furnace, showed up just shortly after 8.
Congratulations to first place, Dan Rose, who set a new course record, by one minute!!! 14.57.02 Amazing, just amazing. I managed to say hi to Dan at the group photo, then Mike Bur said "go" and Dan and Keith Knipling were out of sight!

A long winded race report is being written at this minute.


Casseday said...

Way to go Kim!!

Dan Rose said...

Way to get it done on that East Ridge overnight! You're one tough cookie! Sorry if I didn't leave enough chips for you at the Veach Tent...I was struggling for calories too!!

zhurnaly said...

Congratulations, Kim --- you're great! It is my dream some day to do The Ring ...